Visual Ergonomics enhances your viewing experience


Visual ErgonomicsĀ identifies the parameters that influence visual performance. It also presents the criteria that have to be satisfied in order to achieve an acceptable visual environment.

Display Development uses visual ergonomics

Our Expertise

With Display Development's Expertise - Media Rooms and Theaters can have color and be well decorated living environments while at he same time enhancing the viewing experience

Visual Ergonomics is more important in media rooms / family rooms than designated home theaters

  • We work with Architects and Interior designers
  • Color Selection
  • Screen Placement and material
  • Room Lighting
  • Custom Build Projector
  • Lamp, Power Supply, Iris combination specific to your room
  • Architectural LED lighting will create ambient glow of D6500k to enhance image on screen
  • Light levels can be adjusted to work or read or entertain